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As a ONE-STOP solution for your welding needs, Rig Fab strives to make your decision-making process easier. We are qualified, certified and trusted by many world leading organizations. We Train, Teach, Certify, Inspect, Consult and much more.


About RigFab.

Raising The Bar In Welder Education

Rig Fab Educational Services focuses on closing the skills gap between the community, industry, and welder education. Our training solutions address the talent-shortage challenges, and our curriculum was created in direct collaboration with industry experts to align with the demands of our industry. Our customizable training programs and resources are designed to adequately prepare our industry with quality welders and welding operators that have the skills and knowledge needed for professional opportunities with highly competitive pay.

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We Are Perfect For Welding & Certification Services

Rig Fab after many years of service, have become A source and one-stop shop for all things, welding, energy, training, inspections and more.

Rig Fab Corp Breakdown

We’re committed to providing you with a great deal of services, at great rates, with top notch proffesionals and you only have to deal with us. Our Corporation is branched off to provide a focus for each service.

We walk our welders through the process, from start to finish. After certification we don’t stop, we stay with them as they grow.

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Mobile Welder Training and Testing Facility is a custom designed 40 foot trailer, that was established to empower those that want an opportunity and to bring it anywhere at anytime.

Provided by: Rig Fab Education Services

AWS, Accredited Test Facility, available nationwide, we stand strong on giving everything we do, all we have.

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Our NDT and certified welding inspectors are AWS QC1 and ASNT SNT-TC-1A certified and have the relevant training to verify the work is in conformance to the applicable code.

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Quality engineering is the discipline of engineering concerned with the principles and practice of product and service quality assurance and control. Rig Fab has established a solid foundation to do just that.

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Our corporate structure has expanded to doing much more then just providing a service, we provide Gear and money saving coupons.

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We aim to provide Sustainable, Cost Effective Solutions that increase Productivity & Profitability.

Rig Fab Energy Services is an Accredited Testing Facility for the American Welding Society.  As an ATF, we administer Performance testing and Maintenance renewal for any Welding Code.


Job Placement

Rig Fab Energy Services is a provider of certified industry professionals for the industrial, construction and power industries. 

Rig Fab Energy Services



AWS Welding Certification

Welding certification indicates that a welder has completed a nationally recognized test which demonstrates their ability to perform a sound weld for a specific process in accordance with industry standards.

Rig Fab Energy Services



Educational Institutions

Imagine raising your program’s standing, increasing enrollment, improving passing grades and raising the average starting wage for your newly graduated students. We raise the bar in Welding Education.

Rig Fab Energy Services


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